Business VoIP

No matter which direction your business goes with a business VoIP solution .... the key is understanding how you communicate and what you want to achieve. 
The search for a business VoIP solution, or more appropriately Voice Over Internet Protocol, can confuse any business. There are many flavors of VoIP .... and many pros and cons .... that you need to be aware of when considering which service to choose. Also be aware that today’s business VoIP solutions, because of their embedded suite of applications, can additionally serve as a robust Unified Communications platform. The goal of FreedomFire Communications is to help you navigate through the technospeak so that you can make an informed decision that will save you time and money. 
UCaaS, or unified communications as a service, allows organizations to converge all the ways that its users communicate into a single platform. The single platform includes voice, video, chat, text, email, and screen sharing. UCaaS most commonly replaces an organization's on-premise PBX. It includes a mobile application or softphone to communicate without a desk phone and integrate with critical business applications such as email and CRMs.
Besides network services, UCaaS is the most popular service organizations must incorporate into their digital transformation strategy. The biggest reason being that a business’s ability to communicate with its users and customers 24/7 and 365 days a year has never been more critical. Hampering their digital transformation effort is the unfortunate fact that many businesses are still hanging on to traditional on-prem PBX’s that are in dire need of replacement. This is where UCaaS comes in as the critical step toward true digital transformation across any enterprise.
Furthermore, the importance of UCaaS in business settings has been elevated in light of the impact of COVID-19 and the heightened emphasis on remote work capabilities. All of which have become a more important aspect of current and future corporate Industry4.0 strategies.
Business VOIP means intelligent communications. Whether it is toll-bypass call routing, unified communications (integrated phone, email, IM, etc), or a specific application on the phone itself, the power of IPT is in the applications.  In fact, the robust capabilities and functionality of the unified communications applications available are a real selling point in adopting Business VoIP.

In a highly mobile sales organization "find me follow me" functionality may be priceless. In an organization where deadlines have to be met, point and click call control settings may be crucial. Other organizations may benefit with high level call log metrics to track billable time. Enabling true mobility across your workforce, enhancing video/conferencing activities, promoting true collaboration at all levels of your organization, and easy use when traveling globally are also very attractive attributes to businesses.

With so many features available on most platforms ..... rarely do you see every user applying the same controls and features. It's the freedom to control communication at the single user level that makes VoIP a great business solution. 
Watch this video to see just one example of the many "best in class" Business VoIP and Unified Communications providers we can source for you. 
Watch this video for just one example of the many cutting edge Unified Communications providers we can source for you....enabling a truly agile communications and collaboration enterprise ecosystem. The example cited in the video also happens to have a robust international presence.
Watch this video for a modern business communication system we can source for you that combines a smart telephony platform with robust features, seamless integrations with other productivity apps, and native Voice Intelligence capabilities. This artificial intelligence powered cloud based unified communications system combines all of your individual and group communications options, needs, and functions into one platform easily installed on your smart phone and laptop eliminating the need for any other hardware .... thus enabling a true "work from anywhere" capability including the freedom to do business globally.  This communications solution has been adopted by the world's most innovative companies .... saving one particular client over $1 million compared to their previous communications costs. 
For help in sourcing and designing the right Business VoIP and Unified Communications solution to meet your communication and collaboration requirements, simply ask us and we'll take it from there.  Our assistance is free …. and we can often find special unadvertised deals from providers for your specific location.  Just click on Get Quote and give us some details of what you're looking for.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.